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The Cuccio highlights of our trip to Jeddah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia!

Discover the highlights of a recent Cuccio Global beauty seminar held in Saudi Arabia. From hands-on demonstrations and interactive workshops to informative sessions on business development and marketing, attendees gained valuable insights and skills to take back to their salons and clients. Read on to learn more about this exciting event and Cuccio Global’s commitment to education and innovation in the beauty industry.


Firstly, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude and congratulations on the success of the recent Cuccio event Cuccio Saudi Arabia hosted.  Their hard work and dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees did not go unnoticed.

From the beautifully decorated venue to the exceptional level of organization, every aspect of the event was executed to perfection. The informative sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive workshops were invaluable, and without a doubt, your attendees were left with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

We also appreciate the effort that you and your team put into making sure that all attendees felt welcomed and valued. The networking opportunities were fantastic, and we enjoyed meeting and connecting with other industry professionals.

Once again, thank you for an outstanding event, and congratulations on a job well done. We look forward to attending future events hosted by you and your team.

From the pen of Griselle Nodarse

There are as many people in the entire country as there are in California. This country has the nicest people who help each other. Their morals and respect for each other are impressive. Quality of service and attention to detail is a must. They have a workforce that is brought in from other countries. To not tie up their growth goals and to have the opportunity to keep going. Their architecture is probably the most advanced I have seen. I had the opportunity to visit a 6 Story Spa that has underground secret passages for VIPs, and touch screen beauty centers where you can choose the hairstyle on you before you have a service. The technology is by far very impressive.

Women are treated with respect and chivalry is alive! I walked onto the train and no other seats were available. Men stood up to make sure we had a seat. Doors are still opened for women and men will pay for everything, it is a shame if you don’t allow them to pay. Woman work, drive, and are protected. People were happy to have us in their country. It is not for me to judge them as I found a great deal of connection there, maybe with thein my upbringing, there are reasons why things are a certain way.

Saudi Arabia is a country that is growing so fast. Everywhere you look, they are constructing, you can find American chain restaurants Outback they call American BBQ, Starbucks and McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts. Popular stores such as Zara. They are focusing on Vision 2030 which is a vision, Prince MBS. Click below to read up on this vision that will build a foundation, and have the economic power to open Saudi to the world by setting up a planned future to improve the quality of life for everyone in Saudi. I’m glad we are part of this movement.

Cuccio in Saudi is loved, not only for its quality but for what it brings to the table. Enjoyed by customers and professionals Cuccio is well-desired and now available on retail platforms.  Our brand has some great real estate in this country, and it has big potential. At the Seminar I had a young lady a new customer of Maher, stay afterward to personally tell us that it was so appreciated to have us there. I asked her what perfume she was wearing, and she reached into her purse and said please take it with you. Took pictures with us and later called Maher to place an order.

In Saudi, the woman looks forward to Spa days as a private escape to unwind and get pampered. Nails are a must even if they have prayer, they make the time for nail services. I focused on bringing Peel it to show them you can remove it very easily with any nail service. Natural Nail Services and Nail Enhancements with Builder, Acrylic, and Gel are really trending, and I love the fact they want to use it bringing balance. In my opinion the way Saudi is growing and the focus on opening its doors to the world we will see growth in our industry immensely.

I was delighted to have spent the time well deserved by my friends in Saudi who are our customers. They did not allow me to pay for a thing, they covered everything. They treated us like family! I thank them for all they did for us and they are committed to our brand.

Thank you,
Griselle Nodarse
VP of International Sales and Relations


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