Driven by Griselle Nodarse

Vice President of International sales

Being born in Cuba and having traveled to the USA, and adapting to a new life, she knows just how overwhelming new possibilities and new ventures can be.  

Griselle will help you transform your business and you will experience transition as you’ve never experienced it before!  

Stay informed, stay ahead, and move over to Cuccio today!

Griselle Nodarse is Cuccio’s Vice President of International Sales, based at the head office, she travels to the world to bring new distribution partners on board!  Her commitment to helping individuals and businesses can be seen from afar, and her extended knowledge about the industry and the Cuccio range of products will help your business soar to new heights!  

Griselle Nodarse


Cosmetology Degree


15 Years in Beauty Therapy 
10 Years in Global Marketing

Employee Rating



New business ventures across the globe




Cuccio is a  corporation with a strong global brand and is well-known throughout the world, or at least the majority of it. We use a consistent approach to our worldwide brand strategy to strengthen and gain market share as well as to promote its expansion into new geographies.

Becoming part of the Cuccio team has many benefits to growing your business internationally and promoting it internationally, but the following benefits are the most significant ones:

You will have:

  • A significant competitive advantage
  • An expanded target market.
  • Raised client awareness.
  • A valuable product brand.
  • Stability
  • The ability to increase your turnover
  • Substantial savings on marketing and production
  • New opportunities to grow

The Cuccio brand name has worldwide recognition, bringing marketing power.

Cuccio is at the forefront of invention

Cuccio is at the forefront of invention

The nail corrector pen in 1981

Sanding blocks for nail technicians in 1983

Disposable pedicure slippers in 1989

Cuccio Butter in 1999

The Cuccio Earthstone Lava Pumice in 1995

Cuccio does not test on animals

Cuccio is Peta certified and takes part in the


program. We can safely say that absolutely NO ANIMALS have been tested on or harmed during testing.


Tony Cuccio

Anthony Cuccio, the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Star Nail International and Cuccio Brands, based in Valencia, California, and Roberta Cuccio, senior vice president and chief operating officer, are today’s true innovators and trendsetters in the beauty sector. The enterprising pair started their company in 1981 in Venice Beach in California literally with a suitcase full of cosmetics.

The company is now a multimillion-dollar multinational organization and the world’s leading manufacturer of nail and beauty products. Star Nail received the highest honor in 1986 by making the INC. 500 and winning “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

He is renowned for his dynamic salon profitability presentations. Although dark sunglasses have always been his go-to fashion accessory, he is as receptive to new concepts as anyone in the business.

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