Cuccio Summit 2022

Costa Rica

We just came back from our Cuccio Summit in Costa Rica where we had over 20 countries participate in this event. We had amazing education training and meetings with Distributors. It was really important to update our educators and share the Cuccio Effect. 
If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate this year we hope you do on our next one!

Some photo's of the Summit

The Cuccio Effect

The Cuccio Effect, is a process, one of a kind!  Created by Tony Cuccio, from is experience gained in the last 40 hears of his life!

Cuccio is committed to educate, motivate and guide beauty industry professionals all across the globe.  We provide tools, techniques and knowledge of all the aspects that is vital if you want to take your business or beauty career to new heights! 

By being part of the Cuccio Effect, you will learn about;

  • Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • Investments

It is not just about improving, but rather to perfect, and to be perfect, you need to be the change, before change changes you!

We're taking over the beauty industry, are you coming?

To become part of the Cuccio Global distribution team, and experience the Cuccio Effect, reach out to me!

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