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Creating an acrylic powder that gives you that all-natural look has never been an easy task – until now – introducing Nudecrylics™ Cover Powder – the naturally shaded acrylic powder designed to match the undertones of your skin. Nudecrylics™ is perfect for clients with warm, cool, neutral, or a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Once you figure out your client’s skin undertone, you can use Nudecrylics™ to create nails that will keep clients coming back time and time again.

With the Nudecrylics™ Cover Powders any nail tech can:

  • Perfect for retouches by camouflaging re-growth of the free edge and speeding up your service.
  • Easily use with nail forms to sculpt an entire nail.
  • Over tips as overlays.
  • Can be applied over natural nails.
  • Simply creates slender nail beds.
  • Create an overlay application on the entire nail that looks like a one-color process for a naturally polished look.
  • Used for correcting unevenly nail beds or nail beds that have been bitten.
  • Perfect for fixing short, damaged nails.

Nudecrylics™ can be used by any nail tech, whether they are a beginner or with years of experience. Nudecrylics™ are non-yellowing, lift resistant, and contain NO MMA!


A new range of cover powders designed to mask nail imperfections, giving the nail tech the power to transform regular nails to flawless enhancement in minutes and giving the illusion of a sleek and slender nails!

Nudecrylics™ Cover Powders come in 3 different nude shades with the purpose to match a wide variety of skin tones.

Nudecrylics™ are finely milled for minimal filing and are also formulated to provide superior opaque coverage.


Sun Kissed

Neutral cover powder that works with almost every skin tone. Blends right in with the color of your client’s nail plate.

Has no obvious overtones of pink or sallow skin, but rather the skins natural color is more evident.


Doll Tan

Light pink cover powder for light skin tones. Creating the illusion of a longer nail plate.

Hints of bluish, pink or ruddy complexion.


Copper Tan

Cover powder for warm skin tones that have undertones of peachy yellow or golden.

Skin skews of yellow, sallow, peachy or gold.

Nudecrylics are

Perfect for

Nudecrylics™ Cover Powders are perfect for clients with who bite their nails, have short nail beds, or even stained nails because now they can finally have a color that “cover-up” these problems and make their nails look long and natural.

With Nudecrylics™ professional nail technicians can construct perfect nail beds and perfect smile lines without seeing any nail or skin beneath the acrylic, giving a flawless appearance to the finished french application.

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